Unique Concept

Patient Data Management System (PDMS)

Tomorrow is here – the future is CONCEPT™

The UniQue CONCEPT™ from Arcomed sets higher standards and newer trends in infusion technology. In uniform manner the UniQue CONCEPT™ integrates syringes and volumetric pumps to a single module. The adaptability and versatility of the UniQue CONCEPT™ allows it to integrate seamlessly to any PDMS (Patient Data Management System). With this inherent capability the UniQue CONCEPT™ offers all the necessary intelligence to infusion devices, enabling higher standards never envisaged before.

Auto Sync™ All the data from infusion devices is automatically synchronized. This allows the end-user the overview of patient infusion data irrespective if the device is docked to a bedside module or mobile in use. All the data is automatically captured and synchronized with the UniQue CONCEPT™.

Free Choice™ The UniQue CONCEPT™ gives the end-user the option to prepare a medication in a pharmacy and pre-set that infusion device via a bar code or the end-user sets up the infusion device directly at bedside. This truly gives the end-user the free choice.

Pump Tracer™ No more wastage of time searching for pumps in a hospital. The UniQue CONCEPT™ tracks the location of the infusion device anywhere in the hospital.

The drug library can be easily updated in a central unit. Any infusion device can access automatically the most current drug library from the pharmacy. Updating drug libraries in infusion devices will now be a thing of the past.

The UniQue CONCEPT™ does not stop here, also it considers the importance of the accountability of consumables. Now you are able to monitor the usage of every consumable and treatment associated for a particular patient.

These ingenious functions incorporated in the UniQue CONCEPT™ truly makes the system “UniQue”. Let us invite you to experience the future. Tomorrow is here – the future is CONCEPT™!

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