MythoVent - Leading by innovative ideas

Modern ventilation modes
The system provides all modern ventilation modes and gives the doctor the highest flexibility in setting the parameters to adjust the ventilation to the exact needs of the patient.
To these settings belong the pressure support of the spontaneous breath and the fine tunable trigger for the mandatory breath with both pressure- and modern flow-triggering.
The fast and safe weaning of the patient from the mechanical ventilation is the main challenge for the intensive care medicine today. The MythoVent is designed to support and stabilize the spontaneous breath of the patient.

Optional adaptive cuff pressure control
Exceptional innovative is the intelligent cuff pressure control. The cuff pressure is adjusted automatically as an offset to the respiratory and PEEP pressure and provides a save closing pressure in the trachea. The cuff pressure curve is displayed as an overlay to the respiratory pressure curve.

Use of single- and dual-limb-system
The only part of the device that has to be cleaned, sterilized and disinfected is the aluminum-cassette. It can be removed fast and easy by a simple press of a button. Since the cassette consists of metal it is almost everlasting - even in permanent clinical use.
Through a simple change of the cassette, the MythoVent can be used with coaxial- as well as dual-limb breathing system with no problem.

Integrated intelligent drug-nebulizer
Another feature is the integrated pneumatic control unit for a drug nebulizer. The system MythoVent drives the nebulizer during the first 75 percent of the inspiratory phase. It is ensured that the drugs always reach the patient in the most effective way and the filter systems of the breathing circuit are kept free.

Integrated high resolution color display
The ventilator MythoVent offers a high resolution 6 channel 10.4 LCD color display. It allows at the same time the display of up to 8 dynamic curves and 12 numeric fields for the display of ventilation parameters. The display may be individually configured to the needs of the user by free arrangement and choice of color for the displayed parameters and measured curves.

Optional external display
The MythoVent and MythoVent2 have an optional port for connecting an additional monitor. The content of the internal display is mirrored on a large-sized TFT-screen, so that the curves and values can be read clearly even from greater distance.

Individual configurations
Individual settings screen setup, alarm limits, ventilation- and monitoring-settings can be stored one by one or all together as individual configurations and are then available every time.

Optional patient-side CO2- and O2-measuring
The exspiratory concentration is measured via a sample line connected to the front of the device. For that purpose a small sample volume is permanently extracted near the patient directly at the HME filter and guided to the device.

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