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- Internal Medicine Department

- Obstetrics And Gynecology Departments

- Neoatalogy Department

- Dental Department

- Orthodontic Department

-Clinical Laboratory

- Diagnostic Imaging And Sonar Department

- Skin Cleaning Department


1– Internal Medicine Department

Offers the following services:

        ·   Diagnosis and treatment of gastrointestial and irritable colon.

        ·   Hepatic viral disorders, liver cirrhosis and hypertension and prevention of its complications.

        ·   Tratment of all heart diseases, congestive heart failure & all forms of ischemic mainly cardiac and neurological.

        ·   Complete check – up for all patients over (40) years of age.

        ·   Diagnosis and treatment for all collagen disorders mainly rheumatoid arthritis and other arthropathies.

        ·   Diagnosis and treatment  of headache and migraine.

        ·   Treatment of all acute & chronic chest disease as well as asthmatic attacks.

        ·   Early diagnosis and treatment of diabetes mellitus and prevention of its side effects on the lidneys, eyes and nerves. Also diagnosis & treatment of siabetic pregnant women in cooperation with obstetric and gynecology department.

        ·   We are keen to offering our elderly patients the best geriatric medical care.

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2 – Obstetrics And Gynecology Departments

Offers the following services:

· Check – up by consultants / specialists for 16 hours.

· Based on lab. Tests, hystero – salphingography & ultra sonography without side effects on the baby.

· Deliveries and emergency case for (24) hours, in presence of both Obs/Gyn and paediatrician for every case.

· Medical team of female consultants in Ob/Gyn & anaesthesia are always available, in addition to qualified nurses.

· Painless delivery service (Epidural), Mask anaesthesia, Spinal and general anaesthesia are available.

· Regular follow – up of critical pregnant cases with diabetes, Hypertension & recurrent abortion.

· Diagnosis, follow – up & treatment of intertility cases, with the most advanced aquipment for activation, ovulation and artificial insemination.

· Diagnosis & treatment of adhesion and polycystic ovaries. Ectopic preganancy, ovarian cycts and diseases, Endometriosis.

· Frequent visits of international consultant with high qualification and tremendous experience in their respective fields.

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3– Neoatalogy department:

Offers the following services:

        ·   Paediatric consultation operates (24) hours daily including Fridays. The hospital has appointed distinguished Consultants / specialists in paediatrics / neonatalogy.

        ·   Consulatant / spevialists pediatricians attended ever case of delivery in the hospital, and as such provides the best health care delivery to tahe babies from the time of their delivery until stablisation of their general condition.

        ·   Comprehensive health assessment for pediatric / neonaalogy patients & the diagnosis of their cases at an early stage to be treated accordingl. Such as: thyroid profile, metabolic siorders related to PKU. Congenital hip dislocation.

        ·   Providing  experienced, highly skilled nurses in pediatrics / neonatology.

        ·   The early siagnosis by sonar and other advanced clinical methods of congenital diseases congenital heart siseases, urogenital for the life saving of the baby.

        ·   The hospital provides basic care & treatment to pediatrics / neo – natology cases using the latest equipment ofcourse under the direct supervision of highly experienced consultants / specialists in pediatrics neonatal care.

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4– Dental Department:

Offers the following services:

        ·   Regular check – up and priodic examination of your teeth.

        ·   Dental scaling anf whitening of your teeth.

        ·   Replacement of curreent fillings with cosmetic fillings similar to the teeth’s color by using curing light or dazer.

        ·   Using the most recent method of fixing movable dental teeth with either chrome or gold.

        ·   Fixing crown & fixed edntal beidges (porcelain or ceramic), using advanced technology (Inceram).

        ·   Treatment of mouth diseases and cosmetic operations of the gums.

        ·   Special dental care for pregnant and children.

        ·   Orthodontic treatment.

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5– Orthodontic Department

Offers the following services:

        ·   Examination and overall assessment of month’s health condition and both jaws.

        ·   Diagnosis and treatment of malocclusion, crowling of teeth inclination to the front or inclination to the front or to the back.

        ·   Check – up of patient to see what is wrong with his/her teeth and how it should be corrected.

        ·   Fixture of brackets and flexible kight nickel – titanium alloys to the teeth.

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6– Clinical Laboratory

Offers the following services:

        ·   Performs most of the investigations of the clinical chemistry.

        ·   Live function test, kidney, lipid’s and profile.

        ·   Hematology – most of the routine tests being done by API system.

        ·   Semen analizsis are done regularly.

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7– Diagnostic Imaging and Sonar Department

Offers the following services:

        ·   Trditional radiological examinations of chest, abdomen, bones.

        ·   Barium meal, Barium enema ewallow, intravenous urography (Hystero – salpingography).

        ·   Normal dental X – rays: Panorammic & Cephalometric.

        ·   Sonographies (sonars): Abdominal, pelvical, urinary tracy\t, gynaecological, pregancy, breast, scrotum, thyriod gland, heart (droppler), baby hip – joint, baby brain.


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8– Skin Cleaning Department

Offers the following services:

        ·   Skin cleaning for oily, dry, mixed skin with/without acne.

        ·   Mask and massage for face and neck especially for sensitive skin.

        ·   Bleaching of face and treatment of freckles.

        ·   Trearment of cases resulted by prolonged exposure to skun.

        ·   Hair removed and external skin speeling.

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