M8B provides essential measurement parameters such as SpO2, TEMP, ECG, PR/HR, RESP and NIBP, and offers high cost-performance ratio to give care teams throughout the hospital more of the information they need right at the patientís side, such as post-operative care, lower acuity environments, and patient transfer.


  • compact, portable
  • 10.1 inch wide color TFT LCD
  • Nellcor Oximax / EDAN SpO2
  • SpO2 pulse-tone modulation (Pitch Tone)
  • Bi-directional communications with EDAN central monitoring system
  • Multi-leads ECG waveforms (7 leads) display
  • Arrhythmia analysis, multi-lead S-T segment
  • Built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery
  • Network capability
  • Powerful data storage capacity
  • (96 hours graphic and tabular trends of all parameters, 500 NIBP measurement, 60 alarm events)
  • Optional accessories for adult, pediatrics and neonate
  • 3 channels printing
  • Waveform color adjustable
M8B10.1 inch wide screen LCD, 5 ECG leads, RESP, NIBP, PR, EDAN SpO2, 2-TEMP, Li-ion BatteryThermal Recorder, 2-IBP, Nellcor OxiMax SpO2
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